Social Media

mkhmarketingSocial Media is a powerful tool. If you are running any sort of business or managing an organization, you are all too aware of the need to engage with it on some level.

There are so many things to think about:

How much? Which ones?
How many followers is enough?
Didn’t I play FourSquare in grade school?

And many more. Social Media has added a whole new element to running a business, and it has done so very rapidly – if you Google “Social Media Timeline” there are some great images that show exactly how much has happened in a very short amount of time. And there are always new mediums and platforms to sort through and figure out.

Yet somehow, we expect to be able to fit it into what we were already doing. E offers a range of options including social media management, social media assessment for your organization, and training so you can optimize your use of social media tools.

You already have the most important part of any social media: the content. You know what your business is about, what’s important, and a thousand other points that only those closest to the core of an organization really understand.

Let us help you figure out the rest, so you have the capacity and peace of mind to do the work only you can do.