Where Is Your Agreement To Be Each Other`s Arch-Rivals

like the other guy who fell into MC`s trap, or MCe`s uncle (tsundere haha), who secretly loves her husband, or as the fathers of MC and ml S survived their “grudges” and became honest with each other. There is no shortage of fathers/uncles who support their sons/nephews, and it is also good aaaahhhh. Under the tree were two black figures and a white one in battle. The brilliance and lightning of cold steel; The smell of the smell remains in the wind and the ground dyed red from the bloodshed; Each shot and blow was aimed at the essential part of the other. Chapter 49 Accidental Bathing Chapter 48 Let yourself go Chapter 47 Xie Shengzi Reward Chapter 46 You will not be a prisoner Chapter 44 Change chapter 43 Indecent Attack Chapter 42 Terrible Question and answer Chapter 41 Sword marks and cracks Chapter 40 Sword Master Retreat Chapter 38 Snake Swarm and Guess Chapter 38 ” For the past five days, the young master has taken a step forward in your ability to six Night Flower Burial, it`s a feat. But when you came out of isolation, you first drank in a stupor, then tried to jump off a cliff, hang yourself with a roof beam, eat poison and drown… The elders asked this subordinate to look after the young master, please, no… Su Yang, extremely confused: I recited all my lines, where is the person in the scenario who would come to his rescue??? The thin man probably thought that a screw like this would really lose face. He added other phrases from a distance: “We can`t stop your flying kite technique, but that doesn`t mean others can`t kill you! The evil sect is also in this mountain. When you meet him, I say that your happiness runs – – – “The thin man danced with his curved sword, laughing in a strange and frightening way: “What young fighting star who wakes up, the righteous young hero? I don`t agree with that at all! Do you really think you can walk the martial arts of heaven with your praise on all the young knight fighters? But… Why did he feel something was wrong with the plot? Wait, where will he die under the sword of the protagonist? How did we do the role among the protagonist he did? That`s right.

That`s right. this situation is too embarrassing?! Behind him, his companion of Evil Sect, called like many other petal supports: “Young master, this leaf has a tiny dose of poison. With your strength, you won`t die of poison, even if you`ve eaten the whole forest. Please don`t try to kill yourself, it would only worry the old ones. Chapter 37 Fall into the Underground River Chapter 36 Scuffle and Change Chapter 35 Who Applauds Chapter 34 The Night at Lake Chapter 33 Bloodstained Saule Lake Chapter 32 Meet Chapter 31 GB Bi Beach Reunion Chapter 30 Sword Saint Tomb Chapter 29 Stay in line with time Chapter 28 Hard to say Chapter 27 Time is like a white horse chapter 26 Awakening and New Year`s Eve “The Senior Spectacular, It`s Possible. appear? They get to know each other when they end up attending the same school/under the same teacher and live together in the same yard.