Working Time Agreement Traduction

At the European Council on 27-28 June, EU heads of state and government set a target of reaching agreement on the mechanism by the end of 2013, so that it can be adopted before the end of the European Parliament`s current mandate in 2014. The development of science, the acceptance of new methods and the interpretation of the acquired knowledge require mutual understanding and agreement on how and when to integrate scientific knowledge into the risk assessment process. There was broad consensus when comparing the assessment recommendation with the physician`s. Frequent short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Plus The parties agree that this amendment must not in any way infringe the security rights and interests that are proven or granted by the shipping contract. The amended transit contract is defined by the parties as a definitive, complete and exclusive declaration of transactions proven in the delivery contract as well as other metal documents. The subsidiary can develop a Keepwell agreement as a form of credit enhancement for a loan. The parent company is committed to keeping the subsidiary in good financial health. In this case, the subsidiary is the issuer of the loan. As things stand, there is a consensus that in addition to content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and general pedagogical knowledge, the general aspects also characterize a successful teacher. Mercedes-Benz agrees on the global standard with other automakers. We can write the term either as two or three words, that is, either keep the agreement or respect the agreement.

In this example, the Hold-Seim clause may require the participant to accept all risks associated with the activity, including the risk of death. Exclusion of liability is a declaration in a legal contract that frees one or both contractors from legal liability for all damages or violations suffered by the contractor. Frequent short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, more. With regard to theft and embezzlement insurance, the claims guarantee was found within a specified period after the expiry of the contract.